Meet Our Team

Our friendly, dedicated, and energetic team is committed to working with you and your family to create a positive experience every time you visit our practice.

We welcome you with warm smiles to our practice!

Agnieszka “Agnes” Kodim

Orthodontic Technician

I spend my days in the clinic, helping our patients as they change their lives and smiles. A clinical assistant, I work chairside supporting the doctor with various procedures, and I provide direct patient care, too. I love building relationships with patients and being part of creating a beautiful smile. As part of treatment, we are also creating confidence and that is obvious when patients see their finished smile: they are so proud of themselves!

I keep busy away from the office. I like running and exercising, and cooking and baking is my passion. I also enjoy home decorating and am an avid gardener. I’ve been in NYC for over 20 years and love trying new restaurants and coffee shops (I’m a foodie). I also like museums and exploring the many activities the city has to offer.


Patient Coordinator

Working in our front office, I have the pleasure of greeting everyone as they arrive. I check in patients, update their paperwork as needed, set appointments, accept payments, and answer the phones. I’m busy but never to busy to hear a patient’s latest news. I appreciate interacting and building bonds with patients and parents during treatment. Watching each person’s progress as they gain confidence in their new smile is exciting!

When I’m not at work, I enjoy trying new restaurants with my girlfriend. I also like finding a new podcast obsess over (I appreciate recommendations if you have any!) and passing through the newest exhibit.


Treatment Coordinator

I’m one of the luckiest people at Royal Orthodontics, as I’m one of the first who gets to meet and spend time with our new patients. I walk patients and families through the treatment process, answer all of their questions, and make sure they have the information needed to make decisions about treatment. Once treatment starts, I follow each person’s progress and celebrate their incredible new smile!

I’m a new arrival to New York, having moved to Bushwick in 2021. I love living there and also love getting to spend time in the city when I’m working at Royal Orthodontics.


Orthodontic Technician

I work with the doctors as part of the orthodontic team. In addition to assisting the doctor chairside, I change wires, assist with debands, unpack orders, and unpack new and refinements cases. I love being seeing our new patients start treatment and watching each person grow along with the change in their appearance. Those big and beautiful smiles are so amazing, and so too is each person’s newfound confidence!

Outside of work, I spend much of my time with my wife, Valentina. She is my personal trainer and we go to the gym every day. At home we have small poodle who is the best part of our life. We like to spend time with family and our many friends. I love watching movies and enjoy keeping my hands busy with different hobbies.


Treatment Coordinator

I am lucky as I get to welcome new patients to the office. I learn about the patient’s and family’s main concern for the visit, and introduce our patient to the doctor to go over treatment plans. I also teach patients about different treatment modalities, review financial information, and answer questions. This helps people make informed decisions as they get started with our amazing practice. I really like getting to know our patients and helping guide them to the treatment choice best suited to their needs. Of course, seeing the gorgeous smile reveal at the end of treatment is the best!

Away from the office, I love photography as a hobby and I like to travel. I am a big Mets and Islanders fan, too. I live with my husband, three incredible kids, and our three adorable Pomeranians, so there’s always something happening in our home.


Orthodontic Technician

I love helping patients feel comfortable and knowledgeable about their orthodontic treatment, each step of the way. It is really fulfilling to watch life-changing smile transformations and seeing people gain confidence in their new smiles!

I moved to NYC in 2021 for fun! I love going to concerts, playing with Basil who is my toy Aussie, trying new foods, traveling, and meeting new people.


Orthodontic Technician

I help create a positive experience for every individual I encounter while helping achieve their healthy smile. I encourage and educate patients and parents on the care and maintenance of their orthodontic appliance. I also perform and keep records including radiographs, impressions, iTero® scans, and photos. Some of my time is spent assisting the doctors with arch wire inserts and changes, application of Invisalign®, and bondings of IDB and fixed lingual retainers. I like the patient’s first visit back after having their appliance inserted: it’s like night and day. What’s best, though, is when a patient completes treatment. Seeing how happy they are with their new smile has all of us smiling!

I share my life with my son, Jeziah, at our home in Jersey. In addition to all of my dental training and certifications, I graduated from Culinary Arts, so I can bake or do a cookoff. I love to host family and friends, and love working in my garden, where I’m growing veggies and herbs. Right now, my son and I have two black bearded dragons, Infinite and Orange, who keep us busy.

Melissa Alarcon

Office Manager

I work with Dr. Royal and Agnes at Royal Orthodontics in the reception area. I help our patients schedule their appointments and deal with their insurances. I enjoy working the front desk because I get to interact with all the amazing people that are a part of the practice. What I love most about working with Dr. Royal is seeing the drastic change in her patients, not just the incredible outcome of the orthodontic treatment but our patients’ overall improvement in confidence. My goal is to build a great relationship with the patients, as they become members of the Royal Orthodontic family.

In my spare time I enjoy reading a book in the park and discovering different areas of the city. When I am at home, I pass the time cooking new things and playing with my dog.